Strategic Action Plan

The National Energy Policy (NEP) provides explicit framework within which public and private energy sector participants can make informed planning and investment decision. The policies also define the nature and extent of Government’s control and management of the energy sector.

The purpose of the Strategic Action Plan (ESSAP) is to restate Palau’s energy policies in the form of a more detailed action program including specific targets and guidelines. It will provide the blueprint for Government’s in planning and management of energy programs over the life of the policy statement. It also provides indicators to measure progress in the implementation of the NEP and the SAP. The SAP does not override existing strategic plans such as the Palau Energy Conservation Strategy (PECS) the Energy Efficiency Action Plan or PPUC’s Strategic Plan. These initiatives are seen as an integral part of this SAP and their progress and achievements will be monitored under the framework of the overall plan.

While some of the targets may take longer to achieve than others, it is important that Government remain committed to its National Energy Policy as a whole and, most importantly, provide the institutional and administrative resources necessary to achieve its policies.