Policies & Plans

Palau, like the rest of the world, faces two major energy challenges. The first is to deliver clean, secure, affordable energy for all citizens of Palau while treating the environment responsibly. The second is to respond to the risks of climate change by adaptation to changes and by mitigation through reducing the greenhouse gases caused by the production and use of energy. In addition Palau faces a challenge that it shares with other small island countries, namely it’s extremely high dependence from imported fuels.

The Palau National Energy Policy which has been developed in an inclusive and participatory process clearly sets out Palau’s energy policy vision. It forms the basis for a strategic action plan which ensures that the policy vision becomes a reality. This policy also provides guidance for a unified and integrated energy sector management and set forth the foundation for Palau’s energy future. The vision is for a reliable and resilient energy sector delivering Palau sustainable, low emission energy services, by:

  • Providing a clear direction on the future of Palau’s energy sector
  • Appropriate regulation to securely deliver energy services at competitive prices
  • Maximizing cost-effective energy efficiency and renewable energy resources and conservation of energy while safeguarding our environment
  • Promoting environmentally sustainable energy technologies with the aim to substitute imported fossil fuels
  • Supporting consumers through the transition towards a new energy sector

Adjustments have to be introduced at multiple policy levels to effectively promote clean, reliable, efficient and sustainable energy for all citizens of Palau. The National Energy Policy and its Strategic Action Plan will guide the public and private sectors of Palau in cooperation and our regional and international development partners to establish a sustainable energy sector. Through implementation of this policy, Palau will become an international leader in creating a green and renewable energy society.