Key Partners and Stakeholders
The Palau Energy Administration works diligently with local and regional partners and donors to address two major energy challenges that the country faces. The first is to deliver clean, secure, and affordable energy for all citizens of Palau while treating the environment responsibly. The second is to respond to the risks of climate change by adaptation to changes and by mitigation through reducing the greenhouse gases caused by the production and use of energy. In addition, Palau faces a challenge that it shares with other small island countries, namely it’s extremely high dependence from imported fuels. The Palau Energy Administration actively works in collaboration with the following various entities to address Palau’s energy challenges:

  • National Development Bank of Palau
  • Palau Public Utilities Corporation
  • Palau National Govermnet
  • SPC North-Rep
  • Palau Community College
  • Palau Chamber of Commerce
  • Representative of the House of Delegates
  • Representative of the Senate
  • Representative of the office of the President
  • Palau Conservation Society
  • Office of Environmental Response & Coordination