Energy Framework, Energy Act and Energy Regulations
In order to guide the sustainable development of the energy sector in Palau, an energy framework, Energy Act and draft energy regulations are currently being developed. Consultations have taken place with numerous stakeholders including the NEC.

Wind and Solar Monitoring Masts
Three 34m-tall (112’ tall) wind monitoring masts have been commissioned and are now recording high quality wind and solar energy resource data. These masts are installed in Ngardmau, Melekeok and Ngaraard. A summary of data recorded to date will be presented in the next update report once a more useful quantity of data has been collected. PPUC RE staff will be involved in the next mast inspection, data collection and analysis process. Data will be collected and stored securely at least once every two months.

Grid-Connected Solar PV System
An RFP document is being finalized for the proposed 120 to 150 kW solar PV system on the roof of the Track and Field stadium. The RFP will be advertised in early June and the document will be made available to the NEC for its information. The system is expected to save roughly 50,000 liters of diesel per year.

Course Underway at PCC
Participants from PCC, PPUC and the private sector (via NDBP) are currently being trained to teach the North REP course entitled: Grid-connected solar PV design, installation, maintenance and troubleshooting. This is a for-credit course that will be integrated into the Electrical Technology degree course program at PCC. It is significant that this subject is being institutionalized in Palau and that this course is internationally recognized. The course will be completed by June 14.

An RFP was advertised at the same time for a similar type of course on energy efficient building construction and retrofit. Unfortunately there were no responses to this RFP so it will be re-advertised soon making sure that some specific organizations are informed.

Government Buildings Energy Efficiency Retrofits
Following the EE retrofitting of the Department of Public Works building in Koror, it is proposed that a number of other government buildings will have similar work done. EE viability assessment is expected to commence during June 2013. In addition to the direct power bill savings, the North REP EE activities are considered to be important stimuli for the development and sustainability of Palau’s EE equipment market and EE construction industry.

4th Project Steering Committee Meeting
PSC4 was held in Pohnpei, FSM on 22-23 May. Details of this meeting can be found at:

Project Visibility, Education and Capacity Building
North REP supported events such as Earth Day to keep RE and EE in the public consciousness and to gain visibility for the EU, and supports capacity-building workshops in a variety of RE and EE subject areas for Palau Public Utilities Corporation (PPUC) and private sector participants. Further sustainability through capacity building is expected to be achieved soon through the engagement of a North REP local counterpart, and the continuing involvement and training of PPUC staff in activities such as the design of hybrid systems for the outlying islands.

NDBP – Energy Loan Programs
National Development Bank of Palau (NDBP) in collaboration with the Palau Energy Administration have launched three Energy Loan Programs to help residents succeed in their housing projects. The energy loan programs are designed to provide subsidies to new or current home or business owners who are looking into building, renovating, and/or incorporating energy efficient equipments to their establishments.

Education & Awareness/Advocacy
The Palau Energy Administration in partnership with various agencies continue to support public education and awareness activities that promotes energy efficient products and equipments. Such activities include participation in the annual Earth Day Program and encouraging the showcasing of energy efficient product from various hardware stores and supporting educational awareness presentations by the Palau Public Utilities Corporation.