About Us

The Palau Energy Administration (PEA) under the Ministry of Public Infrastructure, Industries, and Commerce acts as an international contact point and represents Palau in overseas energy meetings. It is also the project management unit for a number of renewable energy and energy efficiency projects in Palau.

The PEA, in collaboration with the Palau Public Utilities Corporation (PPUC), are responsible for the management, implementation and maintenance of new energy projects and infrastructure on behalf of the Government of Palau (GoP). All new energy projects must give due regard to the objectives of the Palau National Energy Policy (PNEP) adopted in 2010.

Such objectives encourage:

  • Communication between the project donor/supplier/contractor, PEA and PPUC well in advance of project kick‑off
  • Good management, appropriate staffing and allocation of resources to ensure that a project is built to specification
  • Consideration of staff training, equipment warranty, maintenance plans/agreements and budgeting for future maintenance within the Contract to ensure sustainability of the project
  • Consideration of metering in accordance with the requirements of the Net Metering Act

The PEA should be involved in the selection and management of energy projects in order to ensure that they achieve the best possible results in terms of the objectives of the PNEP.

PPUC needs to be involved in the project planning from the outset to ensure that the project is sustainable and that technical issues such as network integration and power quality are considered. Significant involvement of PPUC will make use of the expertise that exists within the organization, and will maintain and develop that expertise.

Careful consideration of the project objectives, implementation and sustainability is paramount. Successful, sustainable projects encourage further projects whereas poorly managed, unsustainable projects discourage future activities.

Project donors must be encouraged to coordinate with the appropriate government agencies.